Q:What makes dēîtē distinctive from other tea companies?

A: dēîtē is meant to bring balance and alignment to your emotional, spiritual and physical well being. dēîtē works in tune with the cosmic planetary system to enthrone each herbal blend with only the purest and most powerful energetic vibrations. Each order is enthroned with the client's personal intention that they wish to implement in their life, ie. physical ailment and/or emotional ailment.

Q: How to brew loose leaf tea?

A: Boil water. Add 1.5-2 teaspoon of your desired dēîtē blend into a tea infuser or 8 oz cup. Once water is ready, pour through the infuser or over the loose herbs allowing the water to circulate. Allow 3-7 minutes of steep time. Note: the longer you let the herbs steep, the stronger the blend will be; this is to your preference. After the appropriate time, remove the infuser or, if you did not use an infuser, simply transfer and strain your tea into a mug of your choice. Consciously consume and INjoy! 

Q; What is the difference between tea and infusion?

A: An herbal tea is when you steep a small batch of herbs (1.5-2tsp/ cup) for a few minutes (5-7minutes) and consume the herbs for more of a pleasure in taste and a surfaced healing consumption. An infusion is when you steep a larger amount of herbs (1.25-1.50 tbsp/ 16oz) for an elongated period of time ( 4-8 hours), sometimes overnight. The infusion process allows for a deeper focus on the medicinal healing properties and it allows for the maximum benefit from the herbs.

Q: What does the enthroning process entail?

A: The enthronement of the herbs is done by knowledge passed down through direct ancestral teachings, education, and time spent with indigenous healers from around the world. This enthronement process is done in alignment with the energies of the solar system through the herbs. dēîtē believes that we are all energy based beings and because of that, we are directly effected by what goes on in the cosmic solar system. Whether one chooses to accept it or not, the human body and all that is around us has been scientifically proven to share the same genetic makeup of that of the stars, planets, and beyond. There are reasons as to why people get affected when planets are out of alignment and/or when the moon is full. Because of these reasons, dēîtē has chosen to work with these scientific and ancient methods to implement a positive and impactful healing experience by focusing the customer's intentions through the herbal blends they consume.

Q: What is the difference between loose leaf tea and prepackaged tea bags?

 A: The difference between loose leaf blends and prepackaged blends goes far beyond surface and convenience. The herbs in the prepackaged bags are usually the "dust and fanning" of the tea leaf. This compromises not only the quality in taste, but also takes away from the essential healing properties. Herbs also require room to expand while brewing for full-bodied flavor. Taking into consideration that most prepackaged teas are largely manufactured and have been sitting on the shelf for an elongated period of time before you buy and consume the product. At dēîtē, we hand craft each batch fresh to order so you are getting the highest quality of organic healing, taste, and pleasure.  

Q: Does ORGANIC really make a difference?

A: YES, YES and YES! Organic produce and products are crucial for your body's well being. Even if you may not feel or see an immediate difference, your body responds very differently when given organic vs non-organic. By consuming non-organic, your body is shocked by foreign chemical compounds or genetically modified substances. This hinders the healing process because now your body has to work overdrive to adapt to what you have consumed. Organic consumption is vital, especially on the journey to health; not only does it heal your body but also decalcifies your pineal and pituitary glands allowing for clearer thought and higher functioning performance. This applies to all forms of organic consumption from tea to toothpaste. Education is key!